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Knightscope, Inc. engages in the provision and development of security technology solutions. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California and currently employs 92 full-time employees. The company went IPO on 2022-01-27. The firm is also engaged in providing blue light emergency communication devices, which consist of emergency blue light towers, blue light emergency phone (E-Phone) towers, fully integrated, solar-powered cellular emergency phone towers, and emergency call box systems (Call Box). The Company’s products include K1 Hemisphere, K1 Tower, K1 Blue Light Tower, K1 Blue Light E-Phone, K1 Call Box, K1 Retrofit Kit, K3, K5, K7, Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC), and Knightscope+. The firm's K5 and K3 are designed to roam a geo-fenced area autonomously by utilizing numerous sensors and lasers, either randomly or based on a particular patrolling algorithm. The company helps navigate around people, vehicles, and objects in dynamic indoor or outdoor environments. The firm sells its ASR and stationary multi-purpose security solutions under an annual subscription, Machine-as-a-Service (MAAS) business model.